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For nearly 40 years, WVDO has been committed to helping people engaged in the work of not-for-profits better tell their stories. Whether it is helping someone start their story, through the Development Series or one of our conferences, or hone their story through peer networking or the Certificate Program the stories of our members, and the organizations they represent drive our mission, and have been a hallmark of the organization. The #MyWVDO campaign is a way for you to share your story, so we can better tell our own. Think about the impact that WVDO has had on you, or on someone you know. Tell us about that impact and what WVDO has meant to you.


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How'd you end up doing that?

Posted By Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Mis Queridos WVDO Members,

A close college friend recently asked me what I did at work. I went on and explained that as a one-stop-shop development guy I did a little bit of everything to grow Centro’s ability to ‘do good.’

The kicker came when he asked “Cool, Juan, how’d you end up doing that?” only for me to reply “Well… it just kinda happened”.

I can probably imagine this is a common narrative for development professionals everywhere. Development isn’t always a career that people dream about when they’re in college. Many of us stumble into it for one reason or another to discover that it’s enthralling, rewarding and incredibly difficult work.

I’ll never forget my first encounter with WVDO. How good I felt sharing my experiences and hardships with people that understood. Even better, having seasoned professionals offer solutions, their advice and support.

WVDO gets me. They get Development. They want me to be successful, because if I’m successful then my non-profit and community are successful.

That’s why WVDO is My WVDO, and that’s why I donate above and beyond the dues my non-profit covers. If the same is true for you, I hope you’ll join me by becoming a monthly donor today.

Gracias, WVDO.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Development Director at Centro Cultural de Washington County

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Before I even knew WVDO existed I knew I needed it

Posted By Rebecca Alexander, Friday, May 27, 2016

Before I even knew WVDO existed, I knew I needed it. It was 2010, I was trying to find my first fundraising job and no one appeared interested in what I had to offer.

It felt as though my applications were going unread and my follow-up calls and emails were certainly unanswered.

I was involved in the nonprofit sector already as a volunteer, but I wasn’t quite sure how to make the leap to nonprofit employee.

Enter: The Informational Interview.

A fellow volunteer connected me to WVDO member Laila Cook, then the Development Director  at Make-a-Wish Oregon. We had a great conversation about nonprofit fundraising, her accomplishments, and my aspirations. It was a great connection!

Laila referred me to WVDO’s website and allowed me gain experience with The Raiser’s Edge at her office. With my newfound knowledge about fundraising careers and the ability to say “Yes,” when asked if I had familiarity with donor databases... I landed my first paid gig just a couple months later!

I now know that 2010 was a particularly bad time to try and find a job in the development field in Portland, especially as someone without a fundraising background. But with the help of WVDO and WVDO members I became so incredibly lucky to make my living working for causes I deeply respect and admire.

From this first informational interview on, the connections I’ve made with WVDO members at their conferences and events like 3 Degrees have been priceless.

My nonprofit pays for my WVDO membership dues so that our fundraising techniques are the best they can be. But I chip in an extra amount because WVDO benefits me personally as well.  If the same is true for you, I hope you’ll consider becoming a monthly donor today.

With thanks for My WVDO,

Rebecca Alexander

Development Director at Bradley Angle

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